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Saturday 27th March 2010

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This is one of my favourites for the month. It was taken in Covent Garden which is a haven for tourists and mime artists, both are equally annoying in such a small space. This mime artist looks like he’s just given the girl a slap around the head. He hasn’t. Although if I wanted to be vindictive and express a real Hot Fuzz like hatred for mime artists, I’d say that he had. But I won’t. I’m nice.

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Friday 26th March 2010

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Let’s play Hunt the Squirrel and notice how in the woodland-like grounds lots of litter has been shoved down the fence at the back. Shame.

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Thursday 25th March 2010

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In Holloway, north London. I like the darkening sky and how the trees centre the block of flats.

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Wednesday 24th March 2010

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This is the favourite in our wooden ornamental menagerie.

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Tuesday 23rd March 2010

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A truly awful waste of a Porsche.

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Monday 22nd March 2010

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The power button (yes it’s a hole) to our telly. Shot in black and white.

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Sunday 21st March 2010

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Woodlands and stream at the bottom of our hotel car park in Somerset.

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