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It's Over

8 February 2011 Leave a comment

It’s now February 2011 and 2010 died over 5 weeks ago. Is that all? It seems much longer than that.

Anyway, I gave up on the 365 daily photo challenge much earlier than that. Not on 1st April, which was my last post, but in fact a month later on 1st May. Although I haven’t posted any April photos, I took one every day while I was in Australia during that month. I was suppose to return to London on 18th April but thanks to the Icelandic volcano, we had an extra 10 days there. A knock on effect of this was that my body clock took a lot longer to readjust and I had twice the volume of photos to go through and post on the blog. And I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t have the time to give it 100% and continue the project when I was back. In short, I ran out of steam.

Another reason I gave up was that I found my daily routine wasn’t varied enough. As a consequence I felt that the quality of my subject matter was, most of the time, becoming weak and tenuous. I really didn’t want to happen. One of the main reasons for undertaking the project to begin with was to improve and broaden my creativity. I feel I have achieved that to an extent – I have a better understanding of what kind of subjects I like to photograph – but to continue on a daily basis, taking a photograph for the sake of it was compromising that creativity. I realised that you need to carefully consider your subject; it shouldn’t be rushed.

So what I’ve opted for in 2011 is to have a weekly project. I will be using challenges from various sources and I may have some of my own. My intention is to post at least one photo a week on a specific theme but I will have more freedom in what I photograph.

This will be posted on a new blog.

Happy 2011!
Yes, I’m late but then timing was never my strong point.

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