Monday 22nd March 2010

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The power button (yes it’s a hole) to our telly. Shot in black and white.

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Sunday 21st March 2010

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Woodlands and stream at the bottom of our hotel car park in Somerset.

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Saturday 20th March 2010

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This is at my cousin’s wedding in Somerset. The venue was a historical country house set in a breathtaking 100 acre parkland, home to lots of deer. I really like houses like this and if I was a lottery winner, I’d buy myself one just for the turrets. The shadows of the windows cast by the disco lights above this beautiful fireplace is what I like about this image.

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Friday 19th March 2010

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Upper Street in Angel, Islington after work.

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Thursday 18th March 2010

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This is my equivalent of a No News Day in that not very much happened – except that I met a very good friend but I don’t intend to use friends and family for this blog unless it’s discreet (and with permission of course).

This is the ceiling of a pub. It’s not a very good pub at all and probably only survives because of its close proximity to Arsenal FC’s stadium. They’ve gone for the football connection big time and this ceiling is probably one of the tackiest and saddest things I’ve seen, ceiling wise.

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Wednesday 17th March 2010

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You can definitely feel Spring in the air. Let’s hope it’s here to stay. The evenings are lighter and warmer and at the moment the sunsets are lovely. The sun is directly behind this spirey thing and gave a nice glow tonight.

Sláinte mhath!

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Tuesday 16th March 2010

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I thought doing this project would improve my observation skills but it was only on Tuesday that I noticed that two neon painted chairs have been hanging from these trees in Archway. I stand here often waiting for the bus and was once again thinking “what am I going to photograph today?” when, once again, the image presented itself. Thank you artistic person, who decided to litter Archway’s trees with thrift furniture!

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